and soprano Evan Kardon offered an attractive, silvery sound in her one line as the Slave.
— Palm Beach Arts Paper (2018)
Soprano Evan Kardon, a current FGO Young Artist, held her own as Amor, the emmisary from the gods who grants Orfeo the chance to save his love from the underworld. Both Jones and Kardon boast full-bodied, lyrical voices that blended beautifully with Costanzo’s sweeter, more piercing sound.
— Opera News (2018)
Adorned in a quasi-hoop skirt with angelic wings, Evan Kardon (also an FGO young artist) was a perky Amor with the light soubrette soprano and penetrating high notes to match.
— South Florida Classical Review (2018)
Evan Kardon (last season’s delightful Amor in Gluck’s Orfeo and Euridice) sang Barbarina’s aria in tones of plaintive beauty.
— South Florida Classical Review (2019)
and soprano Evan Kardon’s Barbarina was sung with splendid tone and a healthy dose of sass.
— Schmopera (2019)
Soprano Evan Kardon portrayed Charlotte’s lighthearted sister Sophie, uncomfortable with any situation that wasn’t raining happiness. Whether skipping spritely with a basket of flowers to announce how all the world is joyful with her (“Du gai soleil”) or trying to console her melancholy sister, Kardon’s flawless and lilting voice and characterization was a perfect fit for the role. She convincingly layered her character with the incapacity for reaching a deeper emotional state.
— Miami Artzine (2019)
As Charlotte’s younger sister Sophie, standout soprano Evan Kardon shone in some of the show’s most convincingly acted moments, her effortless dolce timbre complementing her character’s sunny interjections.
— Schmopera (2019)
All the secondary roles were splendidly cast as well. Evan Kardon has the shining soubrette soprano and lively personality to make Sophie, Charlotte’s sister, a standout role, enlivening her every appearance.
— South Florida Classical Review (2019)
If there is any Mary Sunshine amidst the gloom, it is Charlotte’s sister Sophie, who sings of her good mood and happiness with the world in “Du gai soleil” (“The Gay Sun”). Besides the two leads, Sophie is the only other character with an aria. She sings, “Tout le monde est joyeux. Le bonheur est dans lair” (“Everyone is joyous. Happiness is in the air.”) Soprano Evan Kardon makes the most of her time in the spotlight, her voice bright and expressive.
— Miami Herald (2019)
Soprano Evan Kardon, whose characterful voice made her a bright spot as Amor in FGO’s Orfeo ed Euridice a season ago, was equally attractive as Sophie, Charlotte’s younger sister, with an evident crush on Werther that he does nothing to acknowledge. It’s a pleasure to hear her take on this music so nimbly and with such personality; she was persuasive, too, in her acting, without having to resort to overwrought histrionics when she is rejected.
— Palm Beach Arts Paper (2019)