Soprano Evan Kardon, a current FGO Young Artist, held her own as Amor, the emmisary from the gods who grants Orfeo the chance to save his love from the underworld. Both Jones and Kardon boast full-bodied, lyrical voices that blended beautifully with Costanzo’s sweeter, more piercing sound.
— Opera News (2018)
The role of Amor, the goddess of love, was played by Evan Kardon, who is also a member of the Young Artists Studio. This role is usually given to a lighter soprano voice, and Kardon does not disappoint. Her voice is glittery as is typical of a coloratura soprano. Her almost punk rock pixie look on stage with a magenta wig, gold boots and a frilly pink dress are perfect complement to her voice.
— Edge Media Network Online (2018)
Adorned in a quasi-hoop skirt with angelic wings, Evan Kardon (also an FGO young artist) was a perky Amor with the light soubrette soprano and penetrating high notes to match.
— South Florida Classical Review (2018)
Baritone Benjamin Dickerson displayed a sturdy voice as the First Soldier, and soprano Evan Kardon offered an attractive, silvery sound in her one line as the Slave.
— Palm Beach Arts Paper (2018)